Ethical innovation as a service

We solve tough problems with a scientific, user-centric approach to product development. Our team can help improve your people, products, and processes.

Ethical innovation
Our focus is on sustainable, ethical innovation. We pride ourselves on building products people love, we respect people's privacy and always leave things better than we found them.
Focus on the customer
We work closely with customers, applying the principle of Genchi Genbutsu (go and see for yourself). By quickly developing a deep understanding of the problems faced, we reach optimal solutions faster.
Agile without the capital "A"
We drank the Agile koolaid, and found that a bespoke process centered around people and the problem at hand, works better. Based on this experience, we bring only the good parts of agile, and give you advice that suits you.
Leverage technology carefully
Technology is a force multiplier that helps us beat the competition, but without care, it can become a distraction. Our experience enables us to leverage tech where it makes us faster, and ensures we opt for low-code/no-code solutions when it doesn't.

Meet the team

We're a small consultancy with an extended network of experts we know and trust. Our friends have expertise in product management, design, user research, software development, security and compliance, game theory, and more.

  • James Conroy-Finn

    James Conroy-Finn

    Chief Innovation Officer

    James has worked with big companies like BAE and BCG as well as leading product and engineering with startups like Drest and Listora. He's a passionate scientist and technologist, and contributes significantly to every project we work on.

  • Charlie Conroy-Finn


    Chief Happiness Officer

    Charlie is responsible for keeping the team happy and healthy by taking them for regular walks. His can-do attitude inspires everyone he meets, and he's always learning new tricks. You won't find him on LinkedIn, but he does occassionally upload photos from his adventures to Instagram.

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